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   One of the most important responsibilities of a parent, pastor, coach, and teacher is to pass on solid core Christian values from one generation to the next. In this timely book, I provide practical wisdom for the next generation. This book will assist anyone interested in the critical role of passing the baton of solid Christian values and keys to succeeding in life so that the next generation, our children, will be strong and powerful for Christ.

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Wealth Creation

   This book is all about learning the truth about money, wealth and prosperity. Through reading this book, you will learn many things including:

What God says about's not what you think.

How to master money, attract money, and create wealth.

How to make money work for you instead of you working for money.

How to win the spiritual battle over your finances...yes spiritual.

What your greatest investment into creating wealth is.

Creating and using that wealth for a greater purpose.

And the one thing you need to change your life for the best.

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Secrets to
Answered Prayer

   "I have known Pastor Jerry since he gave his heart to Jesus, talk about a 180 turn. Here he is to share his heart about what turning to God can do for you, now and eternally"

Pastor Arlie Whitlow
Founding Pastor
The Community Church, Ashburn Va.

   "Good stuff! Easy read! I recommend you read Pastor Jerry's insights on prayer; they will have something to say to you, I'm sure!"

Ken Jumper
Founding and Lead Pastor
The Harvest Church, Lexington SC

"In light of where our country is and in light of where it seems to be heading, this book is a must read for every Christian. It is time for us to start praying. This book will enhance your prayer life."

Pastor Dan Atkins
Founding and Lead Pastor

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